Monday, June 21, 2010

Vacation Recap

Well, we had internet issues while on vacation. Actually, it was too expensive. The nicer the place, the less likely they are to have free internet. What's up with that??

So, I'm posting now that we're back. We landed in Phoenix on Friday, got our car and found food. Then we headed out for Sedona. It was hot! Although the cacti and terrain were interesting - it was very brown.

Then, we turned a corner and the
view instantly changed. We had
entered Red Rock country.


There were galleries, hiking trails everywhere, and we took a jeep tour with a cowboy while we were there. I didn't know that jeeps could climb rocks, but now I believe! Scary - and fun!

My hubby brought his GPS along, so we found some cool roadside stuff like the world's largest kokopelli! We also stood on the corner in Winslow Arizona on Route 66!

We went to Jerome on Tuesday. It is a really cool town perched high on a mountain! Lots of cool art and people. There were painters with easels set up everywhere!

On Wednesday, we rode the train from Williams to the Grand Canyon.
It was beautiful!

Ed visited the canyon when he was 16 and
was very happy to be back there again. He
told me that no words or pictures could
describe how it feels to be there.

He was absolutely right. There is an amazing
sense of place there - it's so immense! Not just
in size but also in time. You could almost feel
the eons of time that had passed by in
the Canyon.

This is us on the return train trip. We are already talking about our next visit here! We're definitely staying at least one night inside the park next time - hopefully at one of the historic lodges!

There is so much to do in Arizona! We were able to make a quick visit to the Heard museum in Phoenix before leaving, but there were so many other places we wanted to see and didn't make it to.

We didn't sit still long enough for artwork, but I did manage to start one sketch while at Oak Creek in Sedona. I know that this trip is going to the the inspiration for many pieces of art to come! Our whole family had a blast!

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